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How do Private Jets aide in Disaster Relief?

The 2017 Hurricane Season has been tragic to say the least and is far from over. This week all eyes are on Hurricane Irma to see what the storm may do in the days to come. Predictions are saying the storm will impact several Caribbean Islands and head towards to United States. Making landfall in Florida or the Carolinas is possible.

Safety is always our top priority and when disaster strikes a quick evacuation saves lives. Our team is here and ready to take your call for evacuation flights. Please call us at 1 (888) 449-8491 or use the Begin Your Flight Plan form above to schedule your flight.

Private Jet flights are more affordable than you think and you and your loved ones can be in a safe area within an hour of takeoff. Don't wait! Make the safe choice.

Current Hurricane Irma Satellite Imagery via ABC News (Sept. 5th 2017).